Enterprise Pay

To Provide Business to Business (B2B), Business to Government (B2G) & Business to Person (B2P) fund transfer services, Cellcom Pvt. Ltd. has extended its product line for corporate payments i.e. "Enterprise Pay". Enterprise Pay is an all in one corporate payment solution. Enterprise Pay allows clients to make large fund transfers by linking all their business bank accounts.  

Enterprise Pay uses the CellPay Payment Gateway(CPG) as the underlying system to provide fund transfer services which is explained as below:  

Real Time Fund Transfer under CPG 

The real time fund transfer allows the client to make a transfer of up to NPR. 10,00,000/transaction and up to 50,00,000/day. The client can initiate and complete multiple fund transfers within same bank or different banks as required by the bank keeping under the prescribed transaction limit.  

Non-Real time Fund Transfer under CPG 

The non-real time fund transfer is for large payments above 10,00,000/transaction under the limit of 20 crore/transaction. This transaction is initiated and settled on a batch wise payment. The batch wise settlement details are as below: 

  Offline Payment Batch Settlement 



  Settlement Batch 



  1: 30 PM (t-1) - 11:30 AM(t) 

  12:00 PM(t) 

  Sunday - Friday 


  11:30 AM(t) - 12:30 PM (t) 

  1:00 PM(t) 

  Sunday - Friday 


  12:30 PM(t) - 1:30 PM (t) 

  2:00 PM(t) 

  Sunday - Thursday 


Any payment initiated on Friday, after 12:30 PM will be forwarded to the next week Sunday's 12:00 PM settlement.  

Enterprise Pay Features 

  1. Bank Link Model 

  1. Multiple Bank Links 

  1. Multiple Account Links from Same bank 

  1. Credit Transfer to more than 54+ banks 

  1. Bulk Payments  

  1. Multiple Makers & Multiple Checkers 

  1. Instant Reporting  

  1. Super easy & Friendly Interface 

  1. Government Payments 

User Registration  

To register at Enterprise pay, you can contact the enterprise pay team and send requested documents to link your bank accounts. After we get the corporate’s documents validated by the respective bank, we can link your bank account at Enterprise pay and provide you with user credentials. This avails you with all the premium features of Enterprise pay without any upfront cost and unnecessary bank visits. 

Another important criteria is that, the client must use their registered mobile number at their bank to register at Enterprise pay. The user must have access to their registered mobile number to complete a transaction as an One Time Password(OTP) is required which is sent to their mobile number.  

The required documents to link bank account are: 

  1. Company registration 

  1. Company pan/vat 

  1. Cover letter 

  1. Board minute 

  1. Agreement  

After registration, a user can login into Enterprise pay and change their password. The user can use all the features of Enterprise pay by entering the OTP received in the registered mobile number/email address.