CellPay collaborates with Fonepay

Fonepay, has collaborated for making merchant payments using QR Code through CellPay platforms.

NRB licensed Payment Service Provider (PSP), Cellcom Private Limited-CellPay, and NRB licensed Payment Service Operator (PSO), Fonepay Payment Service Limited-Fonepay, has collaborated for making merchant payments using QR Code through CellPay platforms. Now after this tie-up, CellPay customers can pay to all the merchants under the Fonepay network and can also enjoy all the available customer offers with rewards points in each QR transaction. 

The major objective of this collaboration is to promote digital transactions, during these times of covid for the safety of the customers. Now, with this inter-related association of the services, both CellPay & Fonepay customers can now obtain a maximum advantage on digital Payments. CellPay customers can easily pay more than 160,000 Merchants affiliated at Fonepay Merchant Network through CellPay app. CellPay users can now make payments of their merchant purchase conveniently without any hassle. In order to make the payment, users need to login to their CellPay app, Select the Pay Merchant option and scan the Fonepay QR code. All the payment history can be checked in the transaction history section.

How to Pay via CellPay?

  • Open your CellPay app, Select Pay Merchant from the home screen transfer section
  • Scan the QR code by clicking on the QR code icon on the top right corner of the, select the bank, fill the amount, and click next.
  • Enter your 6-digit PIN and Click Confirm bottom to complete your transaction

Hurry Up!

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CellPay is an easy, fast, and reliable payment service provider that can easily be used both in smartphone and web applications. Other unique features of CellPay include:

  • Real-Time Transaction
  • No Wallet
  • Simple and Secured
  • Get Loyalty Point

Customers can easily make real-time payments for Telecom Services, Electricity, T.V., Internet Payments, Restaurants and Fund Transfer from one to another Bank, Domestic remittance, Insurance Payment, EMI payments, Share payments, P2P, P2B, B2P, B2B and other services. Customers can enjoy these services through any of the partnered bank with CellPay.