Make merchant payments via CellPay to get a 50% cashback 1st Merchant Payment & also a chance to be among 5 lucky winners to win unlimited Groceries at Salesberry.

CellPay brings an amazing offer for all our customers on the auspicious occasion of our Anniversary. Our Customer's support & trust has led to the success of CellPay & we promise to provide seamless digital services in days to come.

Via our Anniversary's offer, any CellPay user can make a payment to any of our partner Merchants & get an incredible Cashback of 50% on his/her first purchase only. Not only that but also a chance to win among 5 lucky customers to get Unlimited Groceries at Sales berry. The 5 lucky winners will be selected through a lucky draw.

How to Pay via CellPay?

  • Open your CellPay app, Select Pay Merchant from the home screen transfer section
  • Scan the QR code by clicking on the QR code icon on the top right corner of the or Enter the Mobile Number and fill the Invoice Number, select the bank, The Required Amount and click next.
  • Enter your 6-digit PIN and Click Confirm bottom to complete your transaction

Hurry Up!

Download the CellPay app and start linking your bank accounts if you haven’t yet linked.

Download Now: http://onelink.to/nvacuy

The 50% Cashback offer is available only on 31st July 2020


Terms & Conditions

  • This offer is only for customers.
  • Customers must make merchant payment through CellPay to participate in this 50% Cashback offer.
  • A customer will be eligible only one time for the Anniversary Campaign's Offer meaning that the customer shall receive the Cashback only on their first merchant payment on 31st of July.
  • The 50% cashback offer (up to Nrs. 1000) is only valid for the 31st of July.
  • The cashback will be revered back in the bank account of the Customer within 48 hours of the purchase.