CellPay UX-UI design Competition

About the Competitions:

We would like to invite all the UI/UX designers to participate in “CellPay UI/UX competition”. This UI/UX design contest intends to provide a platform for designers to show your talent, communicate with each other and get a chance to win the award!

For Participants:

CellPay is an app that allows users to make payments. Through this app, a user can make payments to Telecom Services, ISP, Insurance, Electricity digitally.

Timeline: 2 weeks


  • Create a mobile payment service app design that can
    • [Start Screen] Find/List all services that a user can make a payment to:
    • Allow a user to make a payment through the application for an Internet Service Provider (ISP)
  • • Ability to select multiple packages/plans when making a payment to the ISP
    • Notifications


Please design a mobile payment app for either iOS and Android. So we require mobile screens. The designed screens should be usable in both Android and iOS in an unified interface. Pay attention to

iOS guidelines

Android guidelines

Target Audience

User 1
Pain Point: I make payments of multiple family members ISP accounts. - An easier way of keeping track and making payments of multiple accounts my reduce this hassle.

User 2

Pain Point: I make payments to an ISP every month. -  An easier way of doing recurring scheduled payments.


Research (refer to references provided)

Highlight 3 enhancements or unique features you have included to make our app stand out and solve user pain points

Visual mockups screens of                 

  • App Onboarding
  • Home screen where a user can view the list of services that they can make a payment for
  • Screens of user going through a payment flow
  • Possible notifications

Fonts: Brand related

Colours: Brand related

Video walkthrough (Screen record using a screen capture tool or a prototype interaction using the tool of your choice)

How to Upload Your Work?



  • 1st Prize: Rs.10,000
  • 2nd Prize: Rs. 5000
  • For Top 20: Powerbank

Evaluation Criteria

The uploaded works of participants will be evaluated by CellPay Team in the following three aspects:

Function: The corresponding description is realized in your project.

Experience: The whole user experience is smooth and friendly.

Aesthetic: The colour, layout and animation are visually enjoyable.

Terms and Conditions:

• The designs developed by the participants will be Cellcom P. Ltd.’s property and Participant agrees to make Cellcom use their designs in future even if the designs are not selected initially.

• Cellcom reserve the right not to award prizes, to disqualify entrants, and to discontinue a contest if there is any illegal or fraudulent behaviours, and also to cancel the promotion if there are any circumstances that mean the promotion can’t be run as planned, this includes technical issues, hacking, natural disasters and anything else beyond our control. We also reserve the right not to award all prizes if there are not enough entrants, we deem worthy of winning.

• You promise to us that any information that you give to us is true and correct and your entry is your own original creation and work and does not infringe the rights (including copyright) of any other person. You promise to indemnify us in relation to any loss or damage resulting from any breach of this promise whether it is on purpose or not.

• If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our dedicated team on: email:- shapath.neupane@cellcom.net.np

• All decisions made about this competition by Cellcom P. Ltd. are final.