CellPay Collaborates with Payless- Giving away 10 masks and 1 Soap for Free

Cellcom, an NRB Licensed payment service provider- CellPay has collaborated with one of the leading E-Commerce Platforms, Payless app. Now the CellPay customers can use Payless app to purchase essentials from the Kheti foods- visiting coupon section under which customers making pre-payments via CellPay while purchasing from Payless App will receive 10 masks and 1 soap for free. 

How to make a purchase and Pay via CellPay?

  1. Download PayLess Apps & open the Apps
  2. At the home page, you will see the coupon down below the apps
  3. Click the coupon and you’ll be redirected to coupon where you can shop online
  4. Within top menu bar you can see the tags/categories, click the Kheti or groceries to order vegetables
  5. Select the package you want to order and click redeem
  6. Details of the vegetables are provided and down below click the Buy item
  7. Then select the payment method 
  8. Make the payment using CellPay
  9. Then message will appear after the payment is done

For more information: 

Download the CellPay app!

Download Now: http://onelink.to/nvacuy

Terms and Conditions:

Customers must make payment through CellPay 

Once the customer makes payment via the CellPay app, they will receive a notification in transaction history of the CellPay app