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All you need is just a bank account

How CellPay Works?

Sign Up

Download application, complete your KYC and get verified.

Link Banks

Link multiple bank accounts.

Make Payments

Now transfer funds, pay bills and merchants directly through your bank account.

No Card, No Wallet, No Hassle!

All the transaction will be done through your linked bank account. Simply complete your KYC and start linking your bank accounts.

Make Instant fund Transfers

Transfer funds to anyone using their mobile number. Receiver's bank account will be credited instantly.

Awesome Features

  • Secure

    Rely on our technology for Safe and Secure transactions. We follow globally accepted Security best practices.

  • QR Code

    Scan and Pay at merchants using CellPay QR.

  • Multiple Banks

    Link multiple bank accounts within CellPay partner banks, Pay directly from your bank account.

  • Languages

    Use our applications in language of your choice, English or Nepali.

  • No wallet

    There is no need to top-up wallets, pay with ease directly from your linked bank accounts.

  • Low fee

    With the low fee structure, transactions through CellPay are economical.

  • Loyalty Point

    Loyalty point is a customer reward scheme that lets you earn points, which can be used for topup.

  • Instant Transfer

    Make instant fund transfers to receivers using just their mobile number.


  • Is CellPay a wallet?

    CellPay service is not a wallet. The best way to think about CellPay is as a digital debit card. Only difference is that unlike a debit card CellPay cannot be stolen from you, and you can link multiple bank accounts to your CellPay account. Currently the CellPay service supports merchant payments and fund transfer.

  • What can I do with a CellPay account?

    Instant transfer of money via phone to family and friends. From your bank account to theirs's. Mobile top-up, Bill payment for water, electricity, internet, cable TV, DTH, etc. Merchant payments at leading restaurants, retail stores and E-Commerce sites.

  • How can I change my PIN?

    In case you have forgotten your log-in PIN, you can request a PIN reset from your mobile app. Once you initiate this request, you will be sent an OTP to authenticate the request. On providing the correct OTP in the App, you will be able to create a new PIN.

  • How can I add a bank account to CellPay?

    We have made it very easy to add your bank accounts to CellPay, while keeping it very safe and secure.
    Step 1: Select Add Account in the CellPay App
    Step 2: Select your bank and provide your account number.
    Step 3: We will verify your request with your bank.
    Step 4: On successful verification your account will be linked and ready for transactions.

  • What is CellPay Loyalty?

    CellPay Loyalty is a customer reward scheme that lets you earn points every time you do a transaction on CellPay. These points can be used to purchase top-up in CellPay.

  • How do I change language?

    CellPay supports English and Nepali language. To change language;
    Step 1: Open settings in the app.
    Step 2: Choose update language.
    Step 3: Select your prefered language and update.

Partner Banks

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